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Sempertex Pastel Dusk Rose Balloons

Sempertex Pastel Dusk Rose Balloons

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Sempertex Pastel Dusk Rose Balloons

Sempertex Pastel Dusk Rose Balloons

Immerse your celebrations in the subtle, enchanting glow of Sempertex Pastel Dusk Rose Balloons. Perfect for adding a touch of romantic dusk to any event, these balloons capture the soft, serene beauty of the evening sky with their unique pastel rose hue. Ideal for elegant weddings, sophisticated birthday parties, baby showers, or any occasion that calls for a delicate and refined atmosphere.

Available Pack Sizes and Dimensions:

  • 5-inch (100 Pack): Ideal for detailed, intricate accents in your decor.
  • 12-inch (50 Pack): Perfect for creating graceful balloon bouquets or enhancing tablescapes.
  • 18-inch (25 Pack): Excellent for making a statement with larger, captivating displays.
  • 24-inch (3 Pack): Suited for significant, impactful decorations that draw attention.
  • 36-inch (2 Pack): The ultimate choice for dramatic, unforgettable focal points that evoke the beauty of dusk.

Crafted from high-quality latex with a matte finish, Sempertex Pastel Dusk Rose Balloons offer not only a gorgeous visual appeal but also the durability needed for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. Let the tranquil elegance of dusk rose transform your event space into a scene of serene beauty and romance.

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